These spiritual lessons are based on Native American shamanism but fit a wide range of interests from yoga and alternative medicine to Bible study and nature hiking. Hands-on exercises, step-by-step instructions for ceremonies, and sketches by the author's wife explain how to clear spaces of unwanted energy, create simple ceremonies, connect with spirit guides and angels, and interpret symbols. An extended discussion tells how to make a medicine wheel that resembles a labyrinth and use it as an engine for distance healing. Additional ceremonies for daily living, healing the earth, and soul retrieval are also described, and the spiritual quest itself is shown to follow the process of choosing a sacred place in nature, finding a sacred place within oneself, and connecting to the inner and outer worlds. Readers are encouraged to keep a notebook about their spiritual growth and refer to the key words and suggestions for internet research that are included.

"A powerful 'listening walk' into spiritual awareness that provides delight at every turn. . . . Ceremonies no doubt will be a valuable textbook on shamanism and Native American spirituality for many years to come."

—Sandi Sedgbeer, Editor of PlanetLightworker Magazine


"Jim PathFinder Ewing shows us the real meaning of sanctuary - a sacred and healing space of tranquility . . . to create our own special, healing connection with nature and within ourselves.”

-- Darby Davis, Editor of Awareness Magazine


“With this book, PathFinder gives a great gift to the world, the blessing of opening a doorway for all peoples to enter the world of Spirit. It’s a piece of mastery, of beauty and power. . . . Achukmahoke! (“This is good!”).”

-- Boe “Many Knives” Glasschild (Bvshpolawa), Choctaw shaman, author of The Shores Within.


“This book is a valuable manual for those seeking to become whole.”

-- Kathleen Spider Lawrence, Taino, Caney Indian Spiritual Circle, author of Songs Of Bleeding


"The message of this book is both beautiful and practical . . . to help readers find and create practices that are personally meaningful." —Pathways Magazine


"The message of this book is both beautiful and practical. The sanctuary of nature is all around us and within us; whether we are in rural Virginia or downtown Washington we can find sacred spaces for simple healing ceremonies. Jim Pathfinder Ewing has studied with teachers from Native American tribes and the spiritual traditions of the East, but the ceremonies of his book are not specific to any group. Instead, his purpose was to help readers find and create practices that are personally meaningful.


Pathfinder Ewing takes a balanced, non-dogmatic approach to his material. Both the anger some Native Americans feel about their ceremonies being “stolen” and the desire of outsiders to enrich their lives by adopting native beliefs are acknowledged and respected. Pathfinder Ewing takes a middle way, honoring the spirit of native ancestors by adapting ancient ceremonies for today’s world. He weaves world history, personal experience, modern science and ancient myth into his narrative."   --Jennifer Haggerty Bellis

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