Rooted firmly in eco-spirituality, this analysis and guide to reconnecting with edible nature focuses on how modern people can regain Spirit in food individually and collectively. The author provides a background on the emergence of agriculture and the declining connection with food as society evolved, particularly during times of war, and scrutinizes today’s “conventional” farming that relies upon deadly toxins and unsustainable fossil fuels. The book outlines how modern people can avoid being victims of biocultural evolution—and the resultant entropy of declining global and personal health—and instead contribute to the movement toward mindful food choices and better world health, both physically and spiritually. The author discusses how society can nurture the unseen Spirit world that permeates plants through adopting nondenominational spiritual understandings, and includes how-to examples for growing organic food and fostering a supportive community and urban agriculture, as well as notes for expanded resources.

"If you have observed the subtle, completing forces of nature steadily withdrawing from the land and our food in response to relentless waves of industrial synthetics and poisons, then this book will guide you in finding honest ways of bringing them back in their essential, nurturing goodness. Conscious Food is a banquet of agrarian insight."

— Steven McFadden, author of The Call of the Land: An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century, co-author of Farms of Tomorrow


"Jim Ewing’s Conscious Food reminds us, eloquently and plainly, that even our daily bread is a sacrament. In its growing, in its cooking and in its eating, food deserves our honor and respect. Ewing thoroughly explores the reasons why our contemporary ‘Industrial Food’ system is broken, and then tells us how to mend our relationship with the earth and soil that nourish us – through careful growing practices, spiritual awakening, and mindfulness. If you’ve ever wondered why a peach grown by loving hands tastes better than a peach from a mechanically harvested tree, Conscious Food will show why that’s true."

— Robin Mather, senior editor, Mother Earth News, author of The Feast Nearby and A Garden of Unearthly Delights


 Does the food you eat nurture you spiritually?, April 8, 2013

This review is for: Conscious Food: Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating (Paperback)

It was thousands of years ago, as civilization emerged and societies formed by humans strengthened, that our connection to the food we eat began to weaken. Now there is a movement afoot to reclaim that connection. Sometimes called eco-spirituality, sometimes called spiritual ecology, increasing numbers of people are concerned about how their food is grown and how that growing process affects the earth.


Jim Ewing takes us through the history of agriculture on planet earth. He shows us where we lost sight of the interconnectedness of all our human activities, and where that interconnectedness was properly attended to. The book contains a wealth of information both practical and spiritual as he makes the case for returning to a mutually-nurturing model for society's use of earth's resources.


Ewing practices what he preaches, living on a small farm with his wife, as he works for change in the food industry. Everything you'll want to know about putting the spirit back into dinner can be found within the pages of this book. It is a call to action, backed up by real-world information and ideas. It's a valuable addition to any reference library, and will live happily on your kitchen shelf next to the cookbooks.


( received a free review copy of this book.)



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