“Jim Ewing goes creatively beyond Jungian psychology in helping us look at at worn out archetypal patterns of manhood and points to some alternative helpful models drawn from the more heart-open and earth-honoring indigenous cultures of America. This book is not a mere theoretical doctrine or system of masculine psychology, but a series of meditations on manhood in the 21st century…. what it means to be a man, and what kind of man is needed today, in an era where women are rightfully taking their place and sharing authority with men.”


— C. Michael Smith, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and medical anthropologist, author of Psychotherapy and the Sacred, and Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue. He is director of Crows Nest International Centers for Shamanic Studies, in France, Belgium, South Africa and the USA.


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While women have forged ahead in the workplace and society, men are finding themselves increasingly marginalized, socially, professionally, economically — enough so that one book on bestseller lists recently has been titled The End of Men. This has led to calls for a men’s movement and courses are being taught, but they are failing to find traction among men. The reason should be plain: where once Iron John stood as an archetype, along with the King, Warrior, Lover and Magician, those roles have become sadly outdated. The old archetypes of manhood no longer apply.


In this book, the author of six previous books on energy medicine, Native American spirituality and mindfulness, outlines why the current courses on men’s empowerment are failing and offers a new way of looking at male roles that predates the modern era. It is a “back to the future” approach to manhood that actually is better suited for the male psyche, having existed for thousands of years in all parts of the globe. Modernized, this “survival kit” for the male gender can revitalize male and female relations on a more balanced and time-honored footing. This book serves as a self-help manual for men, a guide for men’s retreats, and a primer for wives, daughters, mothers and female friends to help the men in their lives adopt a newer, healthier way of living in balance with a society that is rapidly shifting its roles.

"Every man raising a boy should read Redefining Manhood.  Every woman seeking a creating of a balanced relationship should read Redefining Manhood.  Every family should add it to the list of essential books, and follow the path of peace, to discover and live the best qualities of manhood, those that will bring longterm health and joy to the family, and harmony to the beautiful earth we live on.”

— John Ruskey, Mississippi River guide, owner of Quapaw Canoe Co.


“Because of this book, I will guide my son wisely and lovingly. Thank you Jim! You have blessed us indeed.”

— Steffany Barton, RN, author of A Pocketful of Angels: For a Heart Filled with Love

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