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    Indy and Tom with necklace and horse feathers.

    "I know I've said this before

    but you are a truly gifted person and we are very thankful to have found you to create this for us. "

    -Tom and Deb


    " received the necklace, and I finally got a moment to look at it. It's absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to give it to my father when I see him. Thank you!"  --A.A.


    "Dear Annette - the necklace is beautiful and a lovely surprise to receive earrings also. You are such a gifted artist and your work is exquisite. Thank you so much."B.Y.

    I love my necklace. I really loved the entire creation process. It was wonderful to connect with Annette and talk about all the aspects of this necklace. Usually, we just go out and buy a piece of jewelery that someone has created. This beautiful necklace I feel sure was filled with my highest intentions, Annettes and all that is. I wear my necklace when I go into situations where I feel that I will be off balance emotionally , i.e. too many people, new experiences, too much sensory stimulation. When I consciously choose to wear it, I feel that I bring a friend with me that I just happen to wear on my neck. What grace and peace it brings.

    Thank you Annette for your grace, artistry and sensitivity. -A. Clymer

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    Oh my goodness! Even the package hums...Jaguar is gorgeous! Big, powerful,

    strong, mysterious, and so much more!!! I am thrilled for sure! And a little

    speechless. Thank you for all of your hard work, and as I gain my ability back

    to communicate his beauty, I'll email more...Thank you so much Annette-really,

    it's magnificent!!! -Kim B

    "Today your/mine necklace arrived. I LOVE IT. It is perfect. I'm wearing it right

    now and I can feel that it will be my perfect companion on my road to becoming grounded, calm and strong.

    Or – help remind me thatI can be all those things here and now. I'm so grateful

    for it. "

    -C. Linden


    I wanted to extend the thanks from L. on her necklace "Wow this is so amazing,

    who made this?

    -- they know me, dragonflies I love them, and it has such a good feel, it is

    gorgeous!"L. rubbed her hand over the piece, mentioned how much she appreciated it,

    especially the hematite heart spinner, and yet when she put it on, she actually wore it with the clasp and dragonfly at the front -- and it looked great on her.  I teased her about

    wearing it backwards,and after looking in a mirror said it is fine both ways, and she liked having the heart part hidden behind her neck.


    So once again, thank you Annette for sharing your great imagination and

    insight in making thenecklace ~and helping bring happiness into her life!-D. Keim


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    "I love it! thank you so much. It is beautiful. I wore it around the house

    yesterday...a test run. Now, the alligator is lapis, and the turtle is obsidian? You did a

    wonderful job and a salute your vision."

    -C. Timmons


    The necklaces arrived today at my front door and I signed for them. They

    took my breath away when I opened each one. They are absolutely beautiful. I have mine on right

    now to let it ease my back pain..."

    P. Hecht


    "I was so delighted today when I received my necklace in the mail.

    The bracelet fits absolutely perfectly, as if you were here all along to measure!!

    And the necklace............my totem necklace is simply beautiful.  I immediately

    took off the oneI was wearing and said a small prayer of thanksgiving and put it on.  There is

    nothing but pure joy radiating from within. --H.


    "I went to the website to read about necklaces, and there was mine! Even

    on the screen it gives my heart a lift! I fall in love with its beauty and feeling more every day. Many people have complimented it, even strangers.--D.H


    "My happy little frog is still inclined to pull the post over and make it into a log.

    I'm getting the knack of how to adjust it while I am wearing it, so most of the time it hangs down

    straight. I allow it to be afun experience, a "little thrill" - small shivers of joy and happiness. I hope youcan tell I am of much better heart than awhile ago. Smiles and laughter come easier, and my steps are lighter as I go about my day.  Bless you for your heart's generosity in creating these gifts. I am telling people where to go to find your web store."  --M. Rands

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